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Beautiful places to celebrate your wedding

If one of your friends is looking for the perfect wedding location, there are plenty of options to select from. Whether they wish to get married in a castle, on the shores of a gorgeous lake, in a picturesque village or in a green, majestic forest, they can fulfill their dream in England. Ask for the help of a gorgeous lady from London Escort Guide and she will recommend you the best locations for a magical wedding!

Amazing outdoor wedding venues in England

Weddings celebrated outdoors, under the British skies definitely have a certain charm that no one can resist. If your friend is a child of nature and he or she would like to get married outdoors, you can recommend your friend numerous great places where their wedding will be just perfect. They will feel the weather on their face and breathe the nature if they will have their wedding ceremony in New Gardens, Richmond, Surrey.

If they wish to feel like king and queen, the Royal Botanic Gardens of Kew are the best place to unite their destinies. Kew’s Palm House is a large and stylish space with over 16,000 panes of glass and huge tropical palms that will represent the ideal décor for a wedding. Visit this outdoor wedding venue accompanied by a tempting lady from London Escort Guide and she will tell you if this place truly is suitable for your friend’s wedding.

Head to Kensington, London and venture in The Roof Gardens. Numerous couples plan their wedding in this location because it can have a capacity of 500 guests, the decorations are stunning and it feels like you are outside London, surrounded by nature. Whether you like The Spanish Garden with the Moorish accents or you fall in love with The English Woodland Garden, consider your companion’s opinion before you would recommend this place to your friends.

Your appealing companion from London Escort Guide will be more than happy to come with you at Rowton Castle, this stunning location for weddings. Feel the romantic charm exhibited by Rowton Castle and try to figure out if your friend would like to get married here. The heart of Shropshire Countryside features peaceful grounds and green gardens that, combined with the high quality service from the castle, will offer a magical wedding to those who afford to pay for it.

Wander with a beauty from London Escort Guide

Determine if your fiend would want to spend the most important day of their life on the beach. The Gallivant on New Lydd Road, Camber, Rye East Sussex is designed to feel like a New England Beach House so it is an astonishing wedding venue for those who want to unite their destines at a few minutes’ walk from the sandy beach. If your ravishing companion from London Escort Guide loves this place as much as you do, perhaps your friend will want to have their marriage ceremony here.

Venture across England, explore the amazing parks, gardens and outdoor venues and you will eventually discover the perfect location for your friend’s wedding. Be accompanied by a lovely lady from https://www.escortdirectory.com/ and you will share a magnificent adventure together!